natalie dormer | GQ magazine, april 2014

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Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone magazine (HQ untagged)

Taylor Swift for Rolling Stone magazine (HQ untagged)

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Ellie Goulding  High For This
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objectification and dehumanization of lesbians: the comedy. catch it tuesdays 10:30/9:30 central on mtv

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Taylor Swift  Sad Beautiful Tragic
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Anonymous asked:
lets be real if harry had a different stylist his hair wouldn't look like a giant ball of grease

if we’re being that real then if all of one direction (our one true god zayn aside) had a new stylist they’d all be presentable. louis looks like a crack addict with a mullet, liam looks like a 50 year old stay at home dad, and niall looks like he’s going through his scene phase.

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wtf?! you call someone greasy and you get shamed over your wealth? people are so stupid i swear it's laughable

lmao right like who cares how much money he even has it doesn’t matter if he’s greasy as hell

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