79/100 - The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), dir. Wes Anderson

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liking tegan and sara's music doesn't make you gay.....

im gay

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omg if you could not handle the heat from the shit you caused then maybe you shouldnt follow anyone in this fandom… stay in your lane next time

25 minutes of new music aka my 25 minute funeral

excuse me…where is tenerife sea

he wont play afire alive because the two times he tried he had to stop because he was crying :( i doubt he wants to let people see him cry every night at a concert so. tenerife sea… i dont really know… the setlist is so bad lmao i hope he changes he when more legitimate 2014 tour dates get closer

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how early do u suppose someone should arrive to an all GA venue if they want to get rlly close to the front row? i've never been to a GA show and i'm panicking tbh. anyways thank u.

oHOhoohoh god if you’re going for ed the time has really increased… the first gig i went to it was only like 8 hours but now people show up the night before and it’s just like„, fuck u… ur best showing up at like 3-4 am bc only the crazies show up before that. early hours of the morning really.

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Anonymous said:
do you know what ed's setlist for multiply tour is

its pretty shitty but

  1. i’m a mess
  2. lego house
  3. don’t
  4. wayfaring stranger
  5. one
  6. be my husband
  7. bloodstream
  8. thinking out loud
  9. grade 8
  10. take it back
  11. give me love
  12. sing
  13. ynmidny
  14. the a team
  15. i see fire
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almost every ed concert i’ve been to has been GA and hell„, why do i do it to myself„, why

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They are seated I believe, that also wasn't suppose to be a sad face ahah sorryyy

Oh well if they’re seating then you don’t have to worry about showing up like 12 hours in advance so you can relax a lot lol. I would go like an hour and a half - two hours early? So you can relax like I said and explore the venue if you’re allowed to and buy merch before the stands are crazy post concert and just chill and watch the stage be set up.

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when people lie to save face :0